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Toe beans, toebeans TOE BEANS!

Have you heard of toebeans? It's the cutest way to talk about your cat's feet! Just like your fingers and toes are called digits, cat's toes are officially called digital pads, but saying toe beans is much cuter, because if you look at a cat's paw pads, you'll notice their toes look like jelly beans! So, now let's stop pussyfooting around and dive into the world of those cute little bean toes!  According to, Cat toe beans are used as shock absorbers. Everyone has heard about how cats (almost) always land on their feet, and when they do, those cute cat beans come into play by absorbing some of the impact of their fall. points out that cat...

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All about cats tongues

Last week we posted an article about cats licking, which made us think about cats tongues, so this week we decided we'd go a little more in depth on the topic of cat's tongues! We mentioned in our earlier post that the tongue of a cat is covered with tiny, backward facing, spines called papillae. According to, these spines are made from keratin, which is the same stuff a cat's claws and fur are made from and also the same stuff our fingernails and hair is made from! No wonder it feels like sandpaper when a cat licks you!  So, what good are a cat's tongue spikes? All cats have them, including lions and tigers, not just your cat...

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