About Us

We are a small company based in Phoenix. We are a cat store run by cat lovers and if you're here, we bet you are cat lovers too! Our mission is to find unique gifts for cat lovers and for the cats that they love too. You will find cat home goods, including cat rugs, cat bath mats, cat welcome signs, hooks with cat designs, and don't forget about our cat themed t-shirts, cat jewelry, cat mugs and kitchenware like cat themed tea towels. You are sure to find a gift for cat moms and cat dads here!

We also carry things for cats! We have cat bow ties and cat bandanas for those cats that love the cat walk.

Reggie and Sophie are our two cats and the inspiration for this website. Both were rescued from the Providence animal shelter and we are big believers in adopt, don't shop! You can see more of them on twitter @catswhereitsat facebook at catswhereitsatcom or instagram @catswhereitsatcom You can also check out our pinterest account @catswhereitsat Follow us to keep up on Reggie and Sophie's adventures and you'll also get sneak peeks at new merchandise and special deals. 


Our receiving team hard at work, checking in a new order of merchandise!

We hope you like the site and want to order oodles of cat stuff. If you have any trouble, please reach out to me at info@catswhereitsat.com and I'll respond as soon as possible!