Why do cats like laptops?

It's a classic story...you're getting ready to pay some bills, do some work or maybe watch a video, you get out your laptop computer, and suddenly there is a cat sitting on it! But, why do cats like to sit on laptops? I always assumed it was because it was warm, and according to bettervet.com that is part of it, but not the only reason!

One reason for cats on laptops that bettervet mentions, is that they are curious beings, and see the interesting shapes on the screen and sounds coming from it and want to check it out! 

Your cat might also be trying to mark their territory. If you see your cat rubbing their face against the laptop, they are using their scent glands to transfer their scent onto it and marking it as part of their domain! 

Another big reason for the cats/laptops obsession is you! Your cat sees that you are using the laptop and and they want some attention from you, so in order to get you to look at them instead of at the computer, they just insert themselves on top of the keyboard in front of the screen and voilà, instant attention! Reader's Digest also mentions that you might be enforcing this behavior and maybe not even realizing it. If you see your cat on your laptop and then pet them or talk to them, your cat will learn cat and laptop equals the attention they were looking for! 

 So, how do you keep your cat off your laptop? Sophie (as you can see in the picture that goes with this post) loves to sit on my laptop, so what works for me is to pick her up, delete whatever she typed while hopping up there, and then put her on my lap. After a few pets, she's usually happy to curl up on my lap and stay there while I continue to work on the laptop, which makes me think that that is what she wanted to begin with. When I'm not using it, I keep the lid closed, so that even if she does decide to sit on it then, she won't be typing things or getting her fur in between the keys. 

If that doesn't work for you, bettervet.com suggests using a deterrent spray on the laptop to keep your cat away, or to offer some positive reinforcement in the form of treats and praise when they don't sit on your laptop. Reader's Digest also suggests using a decoy laptop just for your cat so that they can sit on that while you enjoy a cat free keyboard. 

 I know it can be frustrating if you're trying to get something done and are interrupted by a feline on your keyboard, but try to think of it as a sign of their love for you, and you can use it as a chance to bond with your cat! 

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