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Working Cats: Astronaut cat!

Last week, we looked at toe beans and mentioned that in space there is cat's paw nebula. The week before that, we talked about barn cats and boat cats working in pest control, and that got me thinking... has there ever been a cat who worked as an astronaut?  The answer is yes! Let's find out more about this space cat!  Our intrepid astronaut cat started her days as a street cat in Paris. According to cats were widely used in studies of neurophysiology in the 1960's, so French scientists thought training some cats for space missions would be a good way to study the effects of space flight, since cats were a well known animal. They rounded up 14...

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Working cats : Rodent control

It's labor day here in the U.S. and that got me thinking about all those hardworking cats out there who work for a living and get paid in mice!  Cats all over the world have an important job in keeping pests under control! One of the best jobs for cats is an exterminator, so anywhere there are mice, cats can offer their services as mouse catchers! One place where there could be mice is in barns! Mice like to eat the same kinds of things that horses and cows like to eat, so barn cats help out by taking out the mice and keeping the animal feed safe for the barnyard animals! Jennifer Poindexter points out on that cats on the...

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