Cats in boxes

If you have cats, or even if you just see cats on social media, you'll probably know that cats like to think inside the box. But, why do cats like boxes? 

Cats in boxes
According to PetMD, one reason is security. Cats with boxes have a safe space to retreat to when the rest of the world is just too much - and couldn't we all use that! This can be especially useful for a cat that is going through a change, like a move. If you and your cat are bonded, putting something with your scent on it, like a t-shirt, in a box for your cat might help reassure them that things are ok even in an unfamiliar environment. 


PetMD also says that a cat with boxes might also use them for warmth. We usually keep our houses around 72 degrees, but a cat prefers a temperature closer to 86 or 96 degrees . Cardboard can help to insulate them, so their own body heat in a box can help them get toasty warm!
LiveScience suggests another answer for why do cats cats like boxes, and it is because they are ambush predators, and they are using the box to hide in in order to pounce on unsuspecting prey, like a toy or their cat sibling or even you!
And one more reason that I've observed, is that some cats like to shred the cardboard! says this is due to the texture of the cardboard. They also suggest putting some toys and treats and even things scavenged from outside like sticks and leaves into a box for your cat in order to provide sensory enrichment. 


And it's not just our cats at home that like boxes! LiveScience pointed me to this video that shows even the big cats like tigers and lions are into the cats in box scene! 


One thing is for sure, we at think that seeing a cat in boxes is cute! Whether they are taking a stress-free, warm nap, playing with a toy, or even shredding up the cardboard, a cat with boxes is adorable, so next time you get a cardboard box, make sure there aren't any staples or tape, or anything that could be a hazard and save it as a gift for your cat! 

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