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Wooden Cat Bracelet Burgundy
Wooden Cat Bracelet Black
Wooden Cat Bracelet Camo
Wooden Cat Bracelet Gray
Wooden Cat Bracelet Light Blue
Wooden Cat Bracelet Royal Blue
Wooden Cat Bracelet Pink
Wooden Cat Bracelet Purple
Wooden Cat Bracelet Seafoam
Wooden Cat Bracelet Bright Stripe

Wooden Cat Bracelet

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This is cat bracelet is perfect for everyday and for everyone!

These wooden cat bracelets are made in United States of America by Morning Wood. They are carved by hand from recycled skateboards and coated with crystal clear UV Resin to create a waterproof finish, so they are great for active cat lovers! 

The Resin coating also creates a high gloss shine that reveals the unique markings of each piece.

Each skateboard bracelet is one of a kind and the colors on the cat are dependent on the different colored layers of wood, so they will vary from the photos. 

Choose your color band from the menu above!

Every Morning Wood Bracelet™ is packaged with a handwritten note describing the history and species of wood used to create your bracelet.

  • Made in United States of America
  • Made from Recycled Skateboards
  • Choose your color
  • Adjustable band size

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