Why cat jewelry?

Because it's jewelry with cats! I mean, duh!

Just to be clear - we're talking about jewelry with a cat theme, not jewelry for cats, although that would be cute...but I don't think my cats would like to wear jewelry, so I'll stick with jewelry for people who love cats. 

If you are looking for cat jewelry for yourself or as a gift idea for a special cat lover in your life, learn more about all of our cat jewelry here!

So, why do people wear jewelry at all? According to thejewelryforum.com there are several reasons, including giving a finishing touch to an outfit, increasing your self-esteem, expressing your style, and for sentimental reasons.

I think cat themed jewelry can do all of this. I know I certainly feel like cat earrings or a cat necklace can put the finishing touch on my outfit. Even when working from home, I feel more professional and capable when I wear more than jeans and a t-shirt, and  some sparkle from a pair of cat earrings or a kitty cat necklace certainly help me feel polished and fashionable, which I guess speaks to the next reason to wear jewelry - to increase your self-esteem! I know when I'm having a hard day, my cat bracelet can be a reminder that my fur babies are waiting for me at home for snuggles and head butts, or just to say meow! 

And as a crazy cat lady, cat jewelry certainly expresses my style! I mean with cat jewelry, I can always show off my love for kittens! I can go anywhere, from the most formal dinner, to a party with friends or to work and never have to leave my cat lady style behind! Having cat jewelry is almost like having my kitties with me all the time!

But I think the sentimental reason for wearing jewelry is where cat jewelry really shines! 

I know when my cat Maggie passed over the rainbow bridge, I went out and got a cat necklace, so that I still felt like she was close to my heart! Here's a picture of her and her necklace, which features a silver pendant. 

Cat jewelry can be a great memorial for a lost pet
I have since heard from other cat lovers that their cat jewelry is a memorial to cats that they have loved in their lives, so I think this is a common reason for people to wear cat jewelry. I still miss my Maggie, and other cats that have left their paw print on my heart before and after her, but I am happy to have a little something with me to remember her by! So, I think that cat jewelry can be a beautiful pet memorial for those grieving the loss of a beloved cat. 


Whether you are looking for cat jewelry as a memorial to a lost kitty, as a way to feel close to your cats, or just as a way to show off your love for all things feline, we have what you're looking for! Cat jewelry can also be a perfect gift if you are looking for something that will make a cat lover purr! Our jewelry collection includes cat jewelry in a variety of looks, like silver-tone, gold-tone, copper or even wooden, so you can express your own personal style! Shop all of our jewelry for cat lovers or use the links below to narrow down your search. 



Our sterling silver necklaces include silver chains and cat pendants with trendy sparkling crystal accents to make sure you shine! An eye catching crystal necklace with a cute kitty will add a touch of elegance to your day!

Or check out our vintage inspired decoupage black cat necklaces for more of a goth or steampunk look! 

If you are looking for a memorial for a beloved cat, we also have lockets so you can put a picture inside and keep your cat close to your heart always!


Our cat earrings come in a variety of styles and lengths so you can find the pair that is purrfect for you, whether you like a small post earring or prefer ones that dangle! We have dainty silver cat face or cat head earrings, two tone plated copper and gold or silver and gold dangle earrings for a unique look and even lightweight wooden earrings for a more playful look! If you love black cats like me, we even have some specific to those most lucky of kitties!



Our handcrafted copper cat cuff bracelets have diamond cut accents for extra sparkle and feature cute cat print or die cut accents. they are like a little piece of cat art! We even have bracelets with handmade wooden cat charms made from recycled skateboard for active cat lovers! 



Our silver cat rings are adjustable, so you don't need to worry about ring size for yourself or if you are getting it as a gift. Get a cat ring today and you'll have a cat you can wrap around your finger! Our favorite would be more properly called a cats ring, because it features multiple cats playing

Brooches and Pins

Check out our cute and funny enamel pins including a "catcus" saying go away or a black cat saying "whatevs". Cat pins are a fun accessory for cat lovers.

We also carry vintage inspired fashion brooches featuring black cats for a gothic look. 

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