Curious cats

I'm sure you have heard the old saying "curiosity killed the cat", which suggests that cats throughout the ages have been known for their curiosity, but why are cats so curious? I for one am curious as a cat to explore the world of curious cats! 

One reason for cat curiosity mentioned by is because cats are so intelligent, and curiosity is a natural result of being smart. A cat who is being curious about the things around them might just be trying to learn about it's surroundings. 

Another reason lists is because of a cat's territorialism. Curious cats might be looking around them to make sure they know what is going on in their domain, especially if you have brought an interesting new item like a bag or box into it's territory!

Curiosity in cats might also be a result of their hunting instinct. says that since a cat in the wild would hunt several times a day for small prey, they are always on the look out for a quick meal, which means checking out all the small spaces and crevices where a mouse might hide, like behind the TV, inside the cabinets (where they probably already know some treats are stashed), and under the couch. Along with that hunting instinct will come the desire to find the perfect spot for an ambush! So a cat's curiosity might lead it to a high perch on top of the refrigerator where it can spot some unsuspecting prey, or a concealed spot under or behind something where it can watch for it's next victim. Cats love to pounce out and surprise their prey, even if it's just a cat toy, your other cat, or maybe your ankles as you get into bed! 

 But cats in the wild aren't just predators, they can also be prey to bigger predators, so a curious cat might be trying to find cover. says this could be a big reason for cats famous attraction to boxes; A box can represent a safe zone where a bigger animal (or your vacuum) can't reach them! offers another reason - which is because cat's have such good hearing. You've probably noticed a cat suddenly prick up it's ears and go racing off somewhere. It could be because your curious cat is investigating a noise you didn't even hear!

And one other big reason for a cat's curiosity according to is because they love you are want to learn more about you! It might want more snuggle time, more treats, or it might just want to keep you safe, since you live in it's territory, after all! 

So, curiosity in cats is natural, and despite that old saying about curiosity killing the cat, it's their curiosity that helps keep them safe and thriving! 

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