What is cat wine?

We here at catswhereitsat.com are happy to carry cat wine by Pet Winery! Don't worry, it's not wine made from cats, it's non-alcoholic wine made from catnip for cats!

Cat Wine is a safe and healthy treat for your cat

Is it safe? 

Here is a picture of the label for pet winery Meowsling. 

Catnip wine label

 As you can see, it is made from filtered water, Organic Salmon Oil, Organic Catnip, Poly Sorbate 80, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate and Organic Tumeric. 

Let's take a look at each ingredient:

Filtered Water 

No problems there! 

Pets.WebMD says that cats need around 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of water a day per 5 pounds of body weight. Cats can get moisture from their food, so cats who eat wet food might not drink as much and still be hydrated, but if your cat eats primarily dry food, they need to be drinking water.

Organic Salmon Oil

You may have heard of the health benefits of fish oil for people, but did you know it is also healthy for cats? A lot of salmon oils that are made for people have added citrus, which can cause tummy trouble for cats, but salmon oil made for cats is healthy and beneficial. According to Holistapet.com salmon oil made for cats is good for a cats heart, joints, kidneys, brain, skin and coat, immune system and digestion! 

Organic Catnip

 Most cats love catnip! But is it safe for them? Hill's (the people behind Hill's Science diet) say that it is perfectly safe. It does say that if they eat a large amount of it, it could cause a tummy ache, but that it is unlikely. It goes on to say that it is a natural mood enhancer, so it might even help relax an anxious kitty. If you are worried about tummy troubles, you might start with smaller servings and monitor your cat to make sure there are no adverse effects. 

Polysorbate 80

Ok, now we are getting into the ingredients that make you say - what is that? 

I dug around a little and found that it is used as an emulsifier in food and also commonly used in vaccines. I reached out to Pet Winery and they confirmed that it is to keep the salmon oil from separating out from the water. 

But, is it safe?  Skin Deep gives it a score of 3, which is a moderate hazard, but the lowest of the moderate hazards. The risk level for cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity and allergies and immunotoxicity are all in the green levels. From what I see, it is safe as a food additive, but when used in cosmetic applications sometimes is mixed with less than wholesome ingredients. I was able to confirm with pet winery, that the amount used in their wines is less than .1% 

Potassium Sorbate

Here is another ingredient that needed a little research. It is a widely used preservative and according to Healthline it is generally regarded as safe and approved as a safe preservative in moist cat and dog foods, so I think we can feel good about this one.

Sodium Benzoate

I looked this one up too and found on Just Answer Cat Veterinary that at the concentrations found in food, it is not likely to adversely effect health. I was also able to confirm with Pet Winery that the amount used is well under 1% of the total product, so this is a safe level. 

Organic Turmeric

Turmeric is known to have health benefits, and Cat or Cat says it can be good for joints, heart and circulatory function, pancreas, spleen and liver and relieving skin problems. So, this is a healthy ingredient! In this case, I think it is used more for it's yellow coloring than for health benefits though, because it is not included in the red "purrgundy" variety of cat wine. 


I initially had some reservations about the preservatives, but Pet Winery was able to reassure me that they are safe in the quantities used in their wine, so while I wouldn't recommend replacing all of your your cats water with wine, it can be a safe treat for your cat in moderation. If you still have any doubts, there is some good advice on the bottom of the bottle as well: "Please consult with your veterinarian before making changes to your pet's diet." 

WIll my cat like catnip wine?

Well, that is a question only your cat can answer! Or course, cats can be picky, so not every cat will like it, but if you have a cat who enjoys catnip or one who likes fishy treats like salmon, there is a good chance they will enjoy a little nip of the 'nip! 

(Unfortunately, we can not take returns on opened food products, so if in doubt, you'll probably want to try the sample size and if it's a hit, you can go up from there!

So, why cat wine? 

Cat wine can be a way to encourage your cat to drink more by enticing it with catnip! And, with the added benefit of the salmon oil, you can feel good about enjoying a toast with your feline friend!

 Pet Winery cat wine is also proudly made in the U.S.A.!

Ready to try? 

Check out our selection of cat wines here!

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