What is cat grass?

You have very likely heard of catnip, but do you know about cat grass? 

According to cats.com cat grass is not just one specific plant like catnip is, but a variety of grasses. It could be wheatgrass, oat grass, rye grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass or flax grass, or even a mix of them. (Our cat grass kits contain wheat grass seeds.)

You may have heard it said that cats will eat grass only if they are sick. According to Excitedcats.com this is not the case. They note that in a survey of cat owners, 71% of cat owners saw their cat eating grass, but only 11% to 27% of those cats (depending on their age) were seen throwing up. 

One of the benefits of cat grass according to Excitedcats.com is that it provides some fiber in a cat's diet, which can help maintain a healthy digestive system. 

Hillspet.com agrees that cat grass can help your cat's digestive system. Cat grass contains folic acid, which is a vitamin that aids the bloodstream, and according to excitedcats.com also helps metabolize fats and helps synthesize new DNA! Hillspet.com says cat grass can also act as a laxative to help dislodge hairballs or bits of food. This may lead your cat to throw up. They say if you do see vomit with bits of grass it it, that is probably a good thing - that the cat grass did it's job by dislodging something that your cat was having a hard time digesting! I know cleaning up cat puke doesn't sound like a good thing, but if it helps your cat with an upset stomach, it's worth it!  

Other vitamins and minerals contained in cat grass are chlorophyll, which can help freshen your cat's breath, and vitamin A and vitamin D. 

Another benefit of cat grass is as an enrichment for indoor cats. Having some cat grass growing in your home for your cat to munch on is a good way to give them an experience they wouldn't normally get inside. Hillspet.com notes that having some cat grass around might also satisfy your cat's plant cravings and help keep your other house plants safe! 

So, if you are ready to try some cat grass for your cat, you can get a cat grass kit here. You just add water and sunlight! Or, if you have more of a green thumb and don't think you need the entire kit, you can just get the cat grass seeds (wheatgrass for cats) here! A benefit of growing your own grass for cats is that you can be sure it has not been exposed to any pesticides that could be harmful to your cat!

Once you plant the cat grass, it should be around 4 to 6 inches high and ready for your cat to nibble on within a week or 2! Cats.com notes that cat grass can become moldy, so avoid overwatering and if you do see any mold forming, it's time to throw it out! 

Cat grass can be a healthy and fun treat for your cats! Grow your own cat grass with our kit or our seeds (and check out our grow your own catnip kit too!) Grow your own kits and seeds can be found here! https://catswhereitsat.com/collections/grow-your-own-catnip-or-catgrass


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