Selfies with cats!

Have you ever tried to take a selfie with a cat and it came out like this? 

Selfie with cat

I have! (This actual photo!)

Luckily, offers some suggestions on how to take better selfies with cats, so that your cat selfie will come out purrfect! 

One of the tips that I find works the best is to wait until your cat is relaxed instead of trying to get them in the pose that you want them to do. If you are already snuggling with your cat, that is a great time for a cat selfie! Here's one if my favorites that I took of me and Reggie when he was already sitting with me (a rarity in itself!)

selfie with cat

Along those same lines, I like to take a cat selfie when my cat is asleep, and so won't be squirming or looking away from the camera, like this one of Sophie and me getting some early morning snuggles in! This photo also uses one of their other tips for cats selfies, which is to stay on their level instead of trying to get them at your height. 

cats selfie

It can also help to catch your cat's eye. It might help to have a toy for them to look at so it looks like they are looking into the camera. But, that can be tricky too! Sometimes when I try that trick, my cat will get up and go for the toy instead of just looking at it! Sometimes I can get them to look at the camera by snapping my fingers where I want them to look, or tapping my fingernails on the camera. Here's one I took of Reggie and I using the fingernails on the camera method while we were already snuggling together:

 selfie with cat also mentions that a selfie doesn't necessarily have to be of your face. Here is one I took of Sophie with my feet while wearing my patriotic "Sophie" socks! What do you think? Does this count as a cats selfie? 

 selfies cat

Another tip is to use natural light. Cat's eyes are more sensitive to light than yours, so flash photos can scare them or give them glowing eyes like you might see when driving down the street at night and catching an animal with your headlights! Here is one where I used a flash and I actually like the way it came out - Reggie and I both narrowed our eyes for the flash so it looks like we're both sharing the "it's too early" vibe! 

 Cats selfie

 Another trend you may have seen online or in social media is pictures where it looks like the cat is taking the selfie! Here is an example of a "cats taking selfies" photo that I took of Sophie by getting under her:

cat takes selfies

And Sophie is far from the only cat taking selfies! Here are some more examples of cats taking selfies! 

 cats taking selfies

Photo by Dzmitry Tselabionak on Unsplash

 And even an adorable kitten selfie!

kitten selfie

Photo by Ankhesenamun on Unsplash

I was even able to find this YouTube video of a cat who loves to take selfies, with some cute examples of the genre!

 Whether you want to take a selfie with your cat or are looking to get some photos of cats taking selfies, with a little patience and good luck, you'll soon have a portfolio of cute kitty selfies! 

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