How my cats have helped me during the pandemic

I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal as we head into summer 2021, but I'm also looking back on the last year and thinking about how my cats helped me get through everything. So, I thought I'd share with you some of the ways having Sophie and Reggie helped make the last year better. 


It's hard to feel alone with cats to snuggle with! Sophie likes to sleep in, but as you can see when it's morning Reggie is ready for play time!

Workout partners

 Once we get up, then it's time for a workout! They may be a little better at yoga than I am, but they don't mind being my partners. (If your cat is your workout partner too, check out the shirt here!)

Meal time partners

After yoga, it's time for a little breakfast. Sophie in particular enjoys having breakfast (lunch or dinner!) with me! (Don't worry, I make sure she only gets kitty appropriate things to eat!)

Office assistant!

After breakfast, it's time to work, and Sophie is perhaps a little over zealous as an office assistant, but she helps me keep things in perspective. It's hard to be all work and no play with her around!


When work is over, it's time for a little fun! There is never a dull moment when Sophie and Reggie get to play together. They keep me smiling all evening!


In my last post, there was a fashion show with Sophie and Reggie showing off their bowties and bandanas (available here). But it's not just cat fashion that they like to show off, they like to be the center of attention even if it's a product not meant for cats, like these black cat earrings!

Proof I don't have COVID

I thought I'd spare you a photo of a litter box, but maybe the number one way that my cats have helped during the pandemic is that every time I go to clean out the litter box, I know that I haven't lost my sense of smell! I know that loss of sense of smell is a sign of having COVID, so I always felt better knowing I could still smell! 

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