Halloween is coming!

Cat themed Halloween

We at catswhereitsat.com love Halloween! After, all, what says Halloween more than a black cat? If you love Halloween too, we have cat themed Halloween decor, cat themed Halloween t-shirts, cat themed jewelry and even halloween bow ties and bandanas for cats! 

 Cat themed Halloween Decor

Are you a cat lover who needs to dress up your home for Halloween? A wrought-iron sign for inside or out would be a great first step! We have a cat in moon sign or a cat and pumpkin sign to give your home some spooky style! Or if you are interested in the cat and pumpkin look, but want something smaller, check out the cat on pumpkin garden stake

A Cat in Moon sign is a perfect Halloween Decoration
And, while you're dressing up your home, we have a rug of a black cat peeping his head up in a pumpkin patch that is purrfect for Halloween and beyond! It is washable, so you can use it as a welcome mat inside or out, use it in the kitchen or even as a litter box mat!
A black cat in a pumpkin patch rug is perfect for autumn
Another option to decorate inside your home are our Halloween pillow covers! Pillow covers are a great seasonal addition to your home because they go over your existing throw pillows for a spooky touch and then after the season fold away for easy storage. 
Our Halloween pillow covers will bring your pillows from this:
Throw pillows
to this:
Black cat Halloween pillow covers
and then after Halloween is over, they fold down to this:
Pillow covers are easy to store when not in use
We can also help you set a spooky table with our Halloween cat salt and pepper shakers, which feature a black cat dressed as a bat for Halloween and a white cat dressed as a witch!
Halloween cat salt and pepper shakers

Cat themed Halloween t-shirts

If you want to get yourself ready for Halloween, what could be better than a Halloween t-shirt? And of course, since we are catswhereitsat.com, all of our Halloween shirts also feature a cat!

Our trick-or-treat shirt features a black cat and skeleton getting ready to get some candy and treats for Halloween! 

Or, opt for our black cat face t-shirt that is purrfect for Halloween, or year round!

And, its not just black cats that love Halloween! If you follow us on Instagram, or have seen some of our other blog posts, you'll know that Reggie is our black cat and Sophie is our white cat, and she didn't want to be left out of all of the Halloween fun, so check out our Happy Meowoween shirt


Sophie and her Meowoween shirt

Cat themed Halloween Jewelry

It's not just t-shirts that you can wear for Halloween! Also check out our Halloween earrings featuring a black cat or a black cat in a jack-o-lantern. These Halloween earrings are made from wood, so they are light enough to wear all day! 

Or check out our vintage inspired  black cat necklaces or brooches for a more goth or steampunk look for your Halloween festivities! 

Halloween bow ties and bandanas for cats

Don't leave your cats out of the Halloween fun! We also have Halloween themed bow ties for cats and Halloween themed bandanas for cats, because who doesn't love cats in bandanas?

Here Reggie shows off his orange bow tie with bats!Black cat with an orange bat bow tie

And, you already know that Sophie doesn't want to be left out of the Halloween fun, so she is meowdeling the candy corn bandana!Candy corn bandana for cats

Not sure what you like the best? Check out all of our cat Halloween gear and get something for you, something for your home and something for your cat too! 

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