Gift Guide

If you are here, we already know you are either a cat lover, or looking for a gift for a cat lover. We have gifts for all kinds of cat lovers, so we wanted to post this guide to help you decide what to choose. So, the next question is, what else does your cat lover like? 

Is your cat lover also a book lover? Maybe they need some cat bookends? We also carry a black cat bookmark or a t-shirt or pin featuring a cat and books to let everyone know your time is booked. 

Is your cat a bit of a booze hound? Err, I mean to they do they enjoy a nice glass of wine? Check out our collection of barware, because it's not drinking alone, if your cat is with you!


Does your cat lover also love coffee? Or tea? Check out our selection of mugs, Or a coffee and cats pin

Doe your cat loving friend also love gardening? Check out our grow your own catnip or grow your own cat grass kits! 

Is your friend a cat? (Most of mine are!) Maybe they need a bow tie or bandana?


Don't forget about our cat t-shirts too, available in both Men's and Women's sizes!

 We're constantly on the look out for more cat-themed items, so we'll keep updating this post as we come up with more ideas to help you find the purrfect gifts! 

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