Celebrating Cat Dads!

We always hear about crazy cat ladies, but here at catswhereitsat.com we know there are plenty of male cat lovers out there too, so we wanted to take some time to recognize all the cat dads out there! 

Best cat dad shirt

If you are a cat dad, you probably know it, but just in case, we created this quiz to help you determine if you qualify for cat dad status! After you take the quiz scroll down to see where you rank! Or, if you already know you are a cat dad, you can go straight to our cat apparel for men page to get yourself a cat dad t-shirt! 

How did you do?

If you got a 0 through 30, you probably need to work on your cat dad skills some more before you can call yourself a cat dad!

If you got a 40 through 60, you are well on your way to cat dad status. Maybe a few more kisses or a few more pictures on your phone will send you over the top. 

If you got a 70 through 100, well, like it or not, you are officially a cat dad! You should probably go to our cat apparel for men page immediately and get yourself a cat dad t-shirt! 

Cat dads are the best because, well, they love cats! So, don't be ashamed of your cat dad status! Go out and show the world that you are the Best Cat Dad Ever! 

If you know a cat dad, you have come to the right place for cat dad gifts or cat menswear! We'll just put that link here again so you can grab a best cat dad t-shirt for all your favorite cat dads!

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