Cat rugs!

Ever look around and think you need more cat decor? Or are you looking for a unique gift for a cat lover? Well we can help with that with our cat themed rugs!

Each accent rug measures 20" x 30" so they are the perfect size to use as a doormat, kitchen mat or bath mat. They are machine washable, so they you can even use them as a litter box mat! 

Our cat rugs are made in part from recycled water bottles, so you'll feel good about these cute rugs!

A rug liner is recommended to provide slip resistance and protect your floors. 

These rugs have a soft, loopy texture that makes up the colorful cat images. Here is a closeup of the detail. 

Cat rug detail

With that soft texture, they could also be perfect as a mat at bedside to stand on when you get out of bed. Check out this garden cat rug next to the bed, and if you need some cat slippers, we can help with that too!

Garden Cat rug at bedside

Or, give bath time some cattitude and use one of our cat rugs as a bathmat, like this Kitty on the Fence accent rug

Cat on fence Accent Rug bath mat

These cat rugs are also the right size to use as a door mat indoors or out, like this garden buddies cat rug (Reggie loves to rest on it, but he's not included!)

Cat doormat

If you need a mat in front of the litter box, these cat rugs are also ideal for that because they are machine washable! Check out Reggie with this cats in the garden rug!

Kitties in the garden litter mat

We also have seasonal cat rugs that you will look forward to putting out year after year, like this black cat in a pumpkin patch rug! Each time fall comes around you'll be happy to see this black cat return to your home! 

Black cat in pumpkin patch rug

Check out all of our cat themed rugs and fill your home with catittude!


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