Black cat magic

Did you know that National black cat day is October 27th? Well it is and with it coming so close, I wanted to celebrate Reggie, my black cat and best friend! 

We have all heard it, black cats are evil, or black cats do black magic, if a black cat crosses your path it's bad luck, but all of those are silly superstitions! The truth is black kitties do have some special features, but a black cat's powers are the same as any other cat! Black cats have the power to make you laugh, snuggle with you, purr, and oh yeah, my black cat loves to push things off of the table - you know, cat stuff! if a black cat crosses your path, it just means that cat is going somewhere! 

To celebrate black cats and maybe help dispel their bad image, I wanted to share some photos of my very own black house panther here! What type of black cat is he? He's a domestic shorthair who adopted from the Providence Animal Shelter after he was rescued from a hoarding house! He can be a silly boy - here we are being silly together, just a black cat and his Mama!

Black cat playful

Reggie also likes to hang out on my yoga mat. I've heard from others that their cats like yoga mats too. I'll need to look into that one but in the meantime, don't you think my purple yoga mat really sets off Reggie's yellow eyes? 

Black cat and yoga mat

Of course, being a cat, Reggie doesn't need a yoga mat to stretch. He's quite good at it and will stretch out where ever he likes to make sure he stays nice and limber. 

Black cat stretch

Reggie is an all black cat, which makes him extra cute when wearing a bow tie with pink fish while he takes in the sights of the backyard! 

(P.S. check out our bow ties if you want to expand your cat's wardrobe!)

black cat with pink bow tie

After playtime, a workout and some window gazing, Reggie also likes a nice snuggle! Here he is sitting on my lap! .It's so cute that you can see toe beans on his back feet!

Black cat toe beans

And isn't he the cutest thing when he's asleep? Who could ever look at this sweet boy and think he was bad luck? 

 Black cat sleepting

And one more thing I thought I should say - some people still believe the bad stereotypes about black cats, so Halloween can be a dangerous time for black cats! Sometimes people will lash out at black cats out of cruelty, fear or ignorance, especially at this time, so If you have a black cat, please make sure you keep them safe. If your black cat goes outside, it might be wise to keep them indoors on Halloween night just to make sure they don't run into any real goblins out there! 

I hope you liked these pictures of Reggie and can see just how cute, sweet and fun a black cat can be! If you would like to see more of him and his sister Sophie (all white cat), you can follow us on instagram @catswhereitsatcom, facebook @catswhereitsatcom or on X @catswhereitsat We hope to see you there!

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