Fish cat scratcher
Fish Cat scratcher detail
Cat fish scratcher playing
Cat with fish scratcher
Cat fish scratcher blue
fish cat scratcher climbing

Instachew PETKIT Flying Fish Cat Scratcher

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Presenting the Petkit Flying Fish Cat Scratcher! 

Natural High Quality Sisal to stand up to cat claws!

Stable Solid Wood Base and Anti Skid Bottom

The INSTACHEW Petkit flying fish cat climbing scratcher is great for your cat to sharpen their claws and climb! Natural high-quality sisal to last long. 

Easy installation.

Cat Scratcher: The cat scratcher made with nontoxic material

Mental & Physical Fun: This scratcher with flying fish toy is a great way to help your cat get much needed daily exercise and of course sharpen their claws;

Anti Slip Bottom: The anti slip bottom of the scratcher makes it stable

Base Material: The base is made of solid wood; It makes it durable and strong

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