Rusty Cat Indoor Outdoor Statue

Rusty Cat Indoor Outdoor Statue

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This sleepy cat statue would be a welcome addition to any cat lover's home or garden! Curled up for a nap, just like a real cat, it will bring to mind your own sleepy friends or make a memorial for one no longer with you. 

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  • Michael Carr Rusty Cat
  • 16 in.
  • Made of Liconfiber.  It is a cement based composite material reinforced with an alkaline resistant fiberglass netting
  • The special low alkalinity cement is an ideal material used in the construction of bridges and expressways
  • Instead of the randomly dispersed alkali resistant fibers used in the cement only product tested earlier in the market, the use of fiberglass nets as a reinforcement has made a much lighter weight product while having a strong structure
  • Comparing Liconfiber with the traditional fiberclay products, Liconfiber is lighter and stronger
  • It is not apt to deform or break as easily as ceramic or fiberclay products
  • Liconfiber is not only structurally rigid, but also chemically stable
  • It is frost resistant down to -20 degrees Celsius
  • It is UV resistant as tested by the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company - SGS.
  • It has also passed the SVHC screening test, assuring that it is harmless to humans
  • Dimension - 16 x 9 x 6.3 in.

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