Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom?

Does your cat insist on going into the bathroom with you every. single. time?! 

You're not alone! (I mean you're not alone because of your cat is there with you, but also because a lot of people have cats that follow them to the bathroom.) But, why do cats follow you into the bathroom? No one but the cat knows the full reasoning behind your cats bathroom fascination, but rover.com offers some reasons why cats find it so important to follow you to the bathroom. 

 The first reason is that they know your routine, so they might want to join you on your morning trip to the bathroom because that's the routine you have set up. They might be especially interested in keeping an eye on you if they know breakfast follows this morning bathroom trip! 

 Another reason for a cat bathroom trip is the famous curiosity of our feline friends. If you are behind a closed door, they'll need to make sure you aren't doing something fun in there without them! That seems to apply to my cats. They want in, but don't usually stick around long - they just want to make sure they're not missing out on anything I'm doing behind the closed door. 

 Your cat might also be joining you in the bathroom because it wants some of your attention. They know you usually spend a couple of minutes in there with few distractions, so they can get a few pets from you while you're in there, or maybe even jump on your lap for a snuggle while you're seated! 

Your cat might also just think the bathroom is fun! Things like shower curtains, bath mats and toilet paper could all look like fun toys for cats! If you have never had a cat try to unroll the toilet paper from the holder, consider yourself lucky! 

Pethelpful.com gives another insight into why cats follow you into the bathroom, and that is because of their protective instinct. They are guarding you while you are vulnerable and because they love you!

Catster.com also offers some other reasons for cat in bathroom behavior. One thing is that they might like the coolness of the tile floor, sink or bathtub during warm weather. The sink especially seems to be a favorite spot of my cat - it just seems to be the right size and shape for a comfy cat nap! Or in cool weather they might like a nice steam while you're in the shower to get them warmed up! 

Another reason might be that they are thirsty. Catster.com says cats like to drink running water, so they might be hoping for a sip out of the faucet while you are using it. They also caution that if your cat has changed its habits or seems more thirsty than usual, it could be a sign of a health issue like a kidney or liver problem, so it would be a good idea to consult a vet if that is the case! 

Until we learn to speak cat, we might not know all the reasons why cats are obsessed with bathrooms, but if you think of it not as an invasion of privacy but as your cat's gesture to be close to you, you may never want to go to the bathroom alone again!

Photo by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash

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